The Universal Singularity Theory, or “UST”, is an attempt to describe everything – all that is in our universe, and all that is both within and beyond our comprehension. It offers hints to the reason for our very existence.

The UST is not based on any religion or institution with an alternative agenda, but attempts to provide a rationale for all we know and construct a realistic scenario of things beyond our traditional frame of reference.

The theory cannot be expressed in a manner that we commonly understand, or through traditional means or methodologies. We can only attempt to think of it in a way that allows us to imagine that it exists, that we might perceive it.

A forthcoming book, The Universal Singularity Theory, is an attempt to describe the indescribable. It offers readers a new paradigm of thinking; a new way of looking at what is around us, where we are, and what we are.

The author, Tim Chittenden, offers a compelling perspective of the universe derived from an alternate state of mind during a near-death experience. The author’s intent is to share his perspective of how he came to view the universe. His view challenges how we look at ourselves and what we think we know.

Below are some excerpts from the book that may offer an idea of what awaits the prospective reader…

If you live in a world with dimensions you observe matter occupying space. If you live in a world without dimensions you see matter as energy, rather than an object occupying space.

(more excerpts forthcoming)